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Applications: Application is Open OBNX
Work Fields: Back-End
Preferred Experiences: Some Experience Required

What we’re looking for

We are looking for individuals who know how to code and want to help us bring a customized server experience to life within the Minecraft game. We want people with at least an intro level experience/skills with coding in any language, as well as those willing to learn new coding languages and programming skills. A great Developer is someone who is able to do a code project on their own and in a timely manner with high quality for the server using the tools and resources we provide.

Developers are responsible for all custom code on the back-end of OneBigNation. Developers are part-time/full-time associates who can log on and off the server without any set work hours, however, they may have assigned project timelines that they should follow. The workload on Developers is usually set by management and paced per the needs of the server/ project being worked on. Depending on the work being requested of Developers, they may be paid commission for their time and work efforts. This is determined and set by the Chief Technologies Officer. The developer is the base role for programmers on the server who may also be provided opportunities to promote into higher programming level positions such as I.T. Trainer, Project Leader, and Systems Coordinator.

While Developers are directly responsible for coding all features on the server, their role may encompass building or technical work as well as guest moderation and interaction whilst on the server and not in an official feature testing capacity. Senior Developers with high skill level and top performance review by Management, are also given opportunities to start and work on/Manage their own projects, or new and upcoming Projects for the server. Depending on server needs and current staffing abilities, Developers may be allowed to pick their projects or have them assigned by Management.


  • Completing assigned project tasks in a timely manner
  • Learning & following the OneBigNation development process
  • Researching proper/best coding practices
  • Mastering programming using one of the preferred languages
  • Learning from constructive criticism by Management
  • Participating in professional development training
  • Efficiently communicating work progress to supervisors
  • Working as a part of a high functioning team of developers for projects
  • Report directly to the Dev Project Leader and/or Systems Coordinator


  • Must have basic coding ability *Preferably Kotlin/Java however other languages are acceptable
  • Minimum availability of four (4) hours per week [Part-Time]
  • Minimum availability of ten (10) hours per week [Full-Time]
  • Must be at least sixteen (16) years of age to make optional commission pay
    • Developers under this age may still work for us but do not qualify for commission pay
  • A discord account with a working microphone
  • Must be able to speak with Management for an interview
  • The ability to download IntelliJ IDE or use a form of IDE platform
  • The ability to download program files provided by management
  • The ability to share/upload program files to DevOps management
  • Basic English speaking or typing communication ability
  • Complete OBNX Orientation & Traditions upon being hired
  • Progress through College Program training before full promotion into this role
  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to participate in server top-secret projects that may require developers to sign non-disclosure legal agreements.
    • Developers under this age may still work for us, but do not qualify for work on projects that require the signing of legal secrecy documents
    • Developers that are of legal age in their country of residence outside of the United States may be eligible to sign legal agreements.

Application Tips

Remember, when filling out an application it is always beneficial to tell us as much about you as you possibly can. When we read applications all we know about you is whatever you put into your application. It can be hard to get to know a person by reading about them, which is how we decide if we want to interview you in the next stage of the hiring process. 

If you have any previous experience it is always a good idea to upload pictures, videos, or other supporting documentation files to this application in the portfolio section. You add that extra WOW factor for us when we read your application, and it really helps us determine if you are the right choice for this position. If you do not have any portfolio experience to provide us, that is completely okay! We read every application with a fresh open mind and we are really simply looking for people who we know have the potential to do great things here at OneBigNation!

We encourage all applying developers to attach a link to their GitHub or GitLab for us to take a look at any public work you wish to showcase to us as we understand that the portfolio upload may be too small on file size restrictions to allow uploading of repositories.

Please be aware that while developers are asked which area of our organization they wish to develop for, this does not exclusively guarantee that they will only be working in these areas and may be asked to work outside the preferred work area or partner with other developers on the team to produce a desired product for our organization.

NOTE: While OneBigNation will accept new developers with only introductory level experience with coding, We will provide you the resources and opportunities to learn. We will not teach you directly how to code or learn a new language, We will only guide you in the right direction. If you are not willing to learn on your own with help from the team, this position may not be right for you. Please check out our other development positions available.

Apply for Developer

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Terms & Conditions

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Finals Steps

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