Associate Referral Program – Fall 2021

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Associate Referral Program – Fall 2021

Associate Referral Program

Hello OneBigNationX Companies Associates, This year for the fall season we are doing a hiring event organization-wide. The goal of this event is to help our organization grow on all fronts while also continuing to engage our core customer base. This program is officially handled by the east coast Home Office in Framingham Massachusetts will be run by the Human Resources department of CO-BHR. This program will be overseen by the AVP of HR; Holly Strausen. All associates are encouraged to participate in this event and should be aware of the terms outlined below.

What is the Program?

The associate referral program is designed to encourage all of our current associates to help our organization bring in new hires and applicants for open positions that we need to fill. Associates are able to pitch our favorable positions to any people they know and feel would be a great fit for our organization. For all successful referrals, the associates responsible will be compensated with a tax-free bonus paycheck.

What are the rules?

  1. Only current active associates with OneBigNationX are eligible for the bonus paycheck. Associates on administrative leave, LOA, or who are designated as “Inactive” by Human Resources are not eligible to participate.
  2. Current associates must have an associate identification number. Trainee associates / new hires must complete orientation and officially be onboarded before they may participate.
  3. Associates may advertise our organization to peers, however, canvassing is strictly prohibited. Please see below to understand what canvassing is.
  4. Associates may not refer an individual who has previously worked for OneBigNationX Companies in any capacity.
  5. Associates are only eligible for referral credit during the event window, referrals outside of this period will not be counted.
  6. Members of Human Resources are not eligible for this program due to a conflict of interest with the onboarding process.
  7. The applicant must be hired for your referral to be credited to you.
  8. The applicant must remain an active staff member of our organization for at least a period of two months before bonuses may be paid out.
  9. Associates may not fill out applications on behalf of the individual being referred for a position.
  10. Associate bonuses are capped at a maximum payout of $250.00 USD per associate due to tax purposes.

Canvassing: The definition of Canvassing is when someone individually contacts others in mass with the intent of advertising or pitching something. Canvassing includes:

Mass Direct-Messaging others about position openings, Mass pinging, or advertising position openings on other Minecraft-Disney-related discord server communities. 

How do I refer someone?

All front-end associates may refer someone by directing them to the careers page. On any application position, there will be a place for the applicant to specify the name of someone who referred them. They may put your name or game username in that field for you to receive credit for a referral upon their hire to our organization. If you work for Home Office in a paid position, please have the applicant mention you by name to their interviewer during their onboarding process to receive credit for the referral upon their hire to our organization.

What’s the reward for successful referrals?

Successful referrals are paid out to associates using the following pay structure;

  • $5.00 USD reward for each hire of a Part-time / Seasonal associate who is NOT management.
  • $10.00 USD reward for each hire of a Full-time / Seasonal associate who is NOT management (Leadership).
  • $15.00 USD reward for each hire of a Full-time associate who is management.
  • $20.00 USD reward for each hire of a Full-time associate who is a Developer.

When is this event?

The associate referral program will be open for participation from September 1st, 2021  to December 1st, 2021.

How do I get my reward?

Rewards will be held in a discretionary bonus funds account under your name at Home Office until the grace period after your referral’s hire listed in the rules and terms. After that period on a rolling basis, you are able to claim your reward via Electronic fund transfer services such as PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or via a paper check in the mail. To claim your reward after the grace period you will receive an email from Human Resources to your associate linked email account or company email account if you have one which will walk you through how to receive your reward.


If you have any questions about this program, please send an email to [email protected]

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