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Public Relations » Staff Reports

Preface Hello everyone, recently the administration of our organization was made aware that one of our newly hired Guest Relations staff members was using their social media platforms and presence to joke about and belittle the victims of the recent unfortunate grooming situation within our community. After a thorough investigation by our Human Resources team…
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A message on our beliefs

A message from the owner; Hello everyone, my name is Evan and many of you know me as the Owner & Founder of OneBigNation Networks and its subsidiaries. Some people have noticed that recently our official social media accounts have been engaged by individuals or organizations with the intent to hurt our reputations or slander…
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Attraction Sponsorship

Sponsor a OneBigNation Attraction! That’s right, OneBigNation now offers attraction sponsorships! Now as a new creative way to help benefit the server, as we continue to work on developing the parks, guests will now be able to sponsor their own attraction. What does it mean to sponsor an attraction? Guests can sponsor an attraction by…
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The MCWestCot Merger

What’s happening with MCWestCot? MCWestCot is merging with OneBigNation and joining the family! All of MCWestCot’s parks will be available for your enjoyment on OneBigNation in the very near future! Why is MCWestCot joining OneBigNation? MCWestCot is currently in a situation where the majority of its build team has left the server. Unfortunately, that means…
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Disney Fantasy

Let’s settle this like adults. Recently on twitter, multiple pages have started harassing our server community about the unveiling of the Disney Fantasy and its subsequent release by OBN on Planet Minecraft. Background: The ship was Comissioned by OneBigNation for TeamSeaNetwork to build. Back at the beginning of November, our associate Mike and our owner Evan…
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