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Weebow’s First Diary Entry :D

Hello Everyone, Incase You didn’t notice, Shows in DL have not been running lately, that Is my fault aswell as Evans, we have been under an immense amount of stress lately and we haven’t had the time not the energy to maintain the show codes and keep it working. I plan on getting shows working again…
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Oh Darn!

Dear Guests, we are sorry to inform you that today’s public meeting has been moved due to some schedule changes and unforeseen events. The scheduled date as of now is Saturday December 17th. Again, we apologize for this short notice announcement.

Domain Address Updates!

You can now join our server with the following IPs: Play.OneBigNation.Net MC.OneBigNation.Net US.OneBigNation.Net The Following IPs will soon be joinable: EU.OneBigNation.Net Main.OneBigNation.Net The Old IP (OneBigNation.Net) Will no longer work as of JANUARY 1st 2017! Please change our IP in your game menu to which ever newer ip you prefer, we still want to see you…
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The Web Update!

As some of you may or may not know, our server’s IP address is changing! Read more below!   If you’re reading this, then you should already know that we got our new website up and running (because you’re on it right now… duhhhhh) Anyways, because of this, we need to change the server’s IP,…
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