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The Ultimatum Of Minecraft Disney Parks!

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More Magic On Its Way!

  OneBigNation Is Happy To Announce Its Summer Plans! We know its been awhile since you’ve heard from us, but we have some big news to tell you!  While it appears that our server has died down in activity to the public, we can assure you that behind the scenes we are working overtime to…
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Survey – July 2017

Quick Server-wide Survey  

Maintenance Alert!

We are scheduled to be going under maintenance this Monday (June 19th) for a few server side optimizations. Here’s what we can expect: DL (Disneyland) Server will be going offline for optimizations (Reopen date is not set yet) WDW (Walt Disney World) Server will be Beta-Open to the public (For exploration and testing server side…
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Maintenance Updates!

!! Maintenance Mode Alert !! As many of our guests know, we are still running a 1.8 network of servers with protocol support for up to 1.11, however, we recently determined that it would be optimal if we update to 1.11.2. Now don’t be alarmed if you’re one of our players who still likes 1.8x,…
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Applications Are Now Closed!

Applications are now closed today for STAFF position. Applications will re-open on a later date which may be found on the calendar.