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Applications Are Now Closed!

Applications are now closed today for STAFF position. Applications will re-open on a later date which may be found on the calendar.  

Who’s ready for some fun?

Eventhough this post is pretty plain, our owner Evan has a few words to share; “On behalf of the cast of onebignation we are all super excited for some new updates that we wish to share with you all! Firstly, along with the new WDW comes some new updates to make your experience more autonomous,…
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Games Update

Well it’s been a while since we have updated everyone on what is happening on the server. So it’s about time someone told you because there is a lot of fun stuff that happened. We have added the following minigames recently: 1.) Skywars 2.) Paintball 3.) Spleef / Splegg We have also updated the spawn at…
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The #BigMeeting2017 is here!

  The big meeting is today!!! Join us On our teamspeak at 5:00 pm EST I’m Sorry But You Have Missed This Meeting. 🙁 Hopefully you can be with us to experience our 2018 meeting