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How does each position fit into our team?

Not quite sure how each of the positions listed above fit into our server’s staff team? That’s ok! Below we have three hierarchy charts to show exactly where everyone’s roles are and who they directly report to. There are three branches to our organization; Customer Service, Server Operations, and Internal Analytics. Not all roles/jobs shown in the charts below will have a job opening application if they are currently filled or if we are not currently hiring for that position.

Customer Service Branch

  • CEO
    Chief Executive Officer
    • CMO
      Chief Marketing Officer
      • PR Admin
        Public Relations
        • PR Coordinator
          Media Coordinator
          • Marketing Lead
            Influencer Leader
            • Designer
              Graphic Designer
            • Influencer
              Social Media Poster
    • CXO
      Chief Experience Officer
      • Manager
        Community Manager
        • Event Coordinator
          GR Coordinator
          • GR Team Lead
            GR Supervisor
            • GR Trainer
              Training GR
            • Guest Relations
        • User Engagement Coordinator
          Relations Coordinator
          • Section Lead
            Parks Experience Leader
            • Parks Experience








Server Operations Branch

  • CEO
    Chief Executive Officer
    • CTO
      Chief Technologies Officer
      • SYS Admin
        Systems Administrator
        • SYSCO
          Systems Coordinator
          • Dev Lead
            Development Leader
            • Help Desk
              IT Support User
            • Developer
              Software Developer
    • COO
      Chief Operations Officer
      • Manager
        Project Manager
        • OPS Coordinator
          Operations Coordinator
          • Project Lead
            Project Supervisor
            • Imagineer Trainer
              Training Imagineer
            • Imagineer
        • Show Coordinator
          Technical Coordinator
          • Tech Lead
            Technical Supervisor
            • Tech Trainer
              Technical Trainer
            • Technician
              Tech Worker


Internal Analytics Branch

  • CEO
    Chief Executive Officer
    • ESK
      Executive 7th Keyholder
      • MFKC
        Manager 5th Keyholder
        • HR Coordinator
          Support Coordinator
          • HR Leader
            HR Team Leader
            • HR-Express
              Human Resources Partner
            • Human Resources
              HR Case User
    • CRO
      Chief Revenue Officer
      • Internal Auditor
        Sales Auditor
        • CFA Coordinator
          Cash Audit Coordinator
          • Cash Office User
            Funds Handler
      • Loss Prevention
        Asset Protection Manager
        • LP Investigator
          Internal Assets Supervisor
          • LP Detective
            External Asset Supervisor
      • Legal Director
        Legal Dept. Manager
        • Trial Supervisor
          Case Manager
          • Legal Analyst
            Policy Interpreter
            • Legal Partner
              Case Lawyer/Agent