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Games Update

Well it’s been a while since we have updated everyone on what is happening on the server. So it’s about time someone told you because there is a lot of fun stuff that happened. We have added the following minigames recently: 1.) Skywars 2.) Paintball 3.) Spleef / Splegg We have also updated the spawn at…
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Are you just excited for the #BigMeeting2017 as much as we are? If not, here is one more reason to get hyped! If you’ve recently applied for staff on our servers (dating all the way back to October 3rd) we realize that we never responded to your applications due to email server problems and pile ups of…
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The Big New Years Meeting Is Coming Up!

Join us on January 1st 2017 For our annual New Years Meeting! In this meeting we usually like to release some major information about our plans for the oncoming year. Usually this includes new massive updates and new features for you to enjoy. So be sure to get on for this meeting, you don’t wanna miss it!…
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Holiday Greetings!

In The Spirit Of The Holiday Season, Our [Mod+] Dwagon Has Taken Some Beautiful Pictures Of The Castle For The Christmas Season. We Hope You Enjoy Them!

Happy Holidays!