Disney Fantasy

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Disney Fantasy

Let’s settle this like adults.

Recently on twitter, multiple pages have started harassing our server community about the unveiling of the Disney Fantasy and its subsequent release by OBN on Planet Minecraft. https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/disney-fantasy-1-25-1-scale/


The ship was Comissioned by OneBigNation for TeamSeaNetwork to build. Back at the beginning of November, our associate Mike and our owner Evan reached out to Jayden and Daytona from TSN to build the ship. They agreed to the terms of building the ship, which was outlined as follows:

  • The Owner & Co-Owners were allowed to join TSN to see and help the ship during construction
  • The ship incorporated 1.13 blocks
  • The ship’s payment price was agreed to be $85
  • The ship would not be posted with a downloadable world. (However, if the other three ships were built they would be allowed to have a download.)
  • The ship would NOT be given out to other servers to protect its integrity
  • the construction of the ship was to stay discrete until it reached 80% completion.

These terms were followed upon the completion of the ship. On January 6th the ship was paid for as shown below (Agreed in the terms).
After the payment was sent the ship download was given to us. Later the builder decided to break the agreed upon terms and stated they would be posting the ship with a download to PMC on the day before it opened on OBN. They later said they’d send the money back, however as of now- we still have not received the money.

As of the fact we own the ship because we paid for it. And the fact that our Owner Evan DID contribute to the building of the ship in numerous areas, it was posted the planet Minecraft. The ship was NOT stolen. Credit was given to the builders. Our owner helped make it so he is allowed to post it of his own consent plus for the fact that our organization paid for it.

As of right now, the post has been taken down temporarily. The post WILL be reuploaded. This is petty that the builders from TeamSeaNetwork feel justified in attacking us over posting the download to a build that we paid for, they were going to post a download for anyways, we helped construct areas of the build, therefore we can post it, and the fact that they think they can be mad about this as they are the ones who backed out on the prior agreed to terms of the project. We do not have any sympathy for people who will continue to harass us.

We love you all here at OneBigNation!
We hope our guests can look past the sad and immature drama that our former collaborators are engaging in. We look forward to make seabound adventures with you on OBN!

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