Nation Goals

The Ultimatum Of Minecraft Disney Parks!

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— Disney Trip Savings —

These progress bars will indicate how much money each staff member has saved up for the Disney Trip in 2021. Each Staff Member needs to save around $760 in order for everyone to go on the trip! The current projected date for the trip is August 15th, 2021. The Trip will last for 2 Weeks with 10 days in the Parks/Water parks and 4 Days for Rest/ Orlando/ Other Activity.

— Savings Time —

This count down clock will give a rough estimate as to how much time is left from now until August 15th, 2021. The staff must save up their money at leastĀ a YEAR in advance of this trip. (AugustĀ 15th, 2020).

— Staff Merit Scales —

The gages below show what percentage of merit each staff member has earned. The scale will reach 100% when staff has earned enough merits to promote to the next highest rank. A staff’s merit gage updates often and can go up or down depending on their activity

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