OneBigNation’s Hallowishes!

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OneBigNation’s Hallowishes!

Hallowishes on OneBigNation!

Hallowishes is Disney World’s Halloween themed fireworks show that is exclusively run during the fall season.
This show first premiered on September 22nd, 2018 for OneBigNation. This show is OneBigNation’s first fully customized show to utilize the DSuite system technology developed by Exemplive. (If you’re interested in DSuite, Feel free to check out the knowledge base articles about it!)
Below is a recording of Hallowishes before its debut on the server. We are providing this high-quality video as record-keeping for the server archives and for you to enjoy when the show is not currently in service. Beneath this video is an embed of what the actual show looks like in the real parks. This will allow you to compare them side by side and get a feel for how accurate our recreation is. The Imagineers and Technicians cast on OBN take their jobs to heart, over 250 hours of work, coding, and choreography was painstakingly put into this show by our staff. We hope this video not only entertains you but allows you to see how dedicated OneBigNation is to bringing you a truly realistic and authentic Disney World experience. Enjoy!

 Video Credit: Oldmike2448 (Mike) [Lead Imagineer]


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