Maintenance Alert!

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Maintenance Alert!

We are scheduled to be going under maintenance this Monday (June 19th) for a few server side optimizations. Here’s what we can expect:

  • DL (Disneyland) Server will be going offline for optimizations (Reopen date is not set yet)
  • WDW (Walt Disney World) Server will be Beta-Open to the public (For exploration and testing server side stuff like guest handling – Rides will not be open)
  • Developer Annual Code competition (guests don’t need to worry about this)
  • Adding support for 1.12 players to join (1.12 blocks will not work)
  • Server snapshots will be uploaded and available for download on the website (Plots / LargePlots / Showcase(staff only)
  • Lag optimizations and much more

When will the server go offline?

We are planning to perform the maintenance at around 11:30 and ending around 3:00 PM US-EST


Thankyou, for more updates please check back later and stay posted on our twitter @OBNationServers

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