Maintenance Updates!

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Maintenance Updates!

!! Maintenance Mode Alert !!

As many of our guests know, we are still running a 1.8 network of servers with protocol support for up to 1.11, however, we recently determined that it would be optimal if we update to 1.11.2.

Now don’t be alarmed if you’re one of our players who still likes 1.8x, we are adding backwards support for older versions of the game, that way our guests can still join in versions 1.8-1.11.2 but instead the server version will just be updated.

So why are we doing this exactly? Well, OneBigNation has always been a server for pioneering new fun for our guests, and we are feeling the urge to utilize some new features of the newer Minecraft versions. Our developers are also being put under increasing pressure to invent new ways to entertain our guests- but we can only do so much with what 1.8 has to offer.

So here is the whole sha-bang: We are not 100% saying that we will be going to 1.11 as of right now, this is simply going to be a networking test to see if 1.11 will eventually be an option for us in the future. We will be testing some compatibility with the server and our new version as well as checking for performances and possible bugs we may encounter down the road.

What if OneBigNation decides to fully go to 1.11?

If in the odd chance that we are up and running with minimal problems on our test run, then we will begin the update process. Granted, this can possibly be a long process for us in which we may need to keep the servers down for maintenance. Here is why we may be offline longer is we fully update:

  • Update old plugins
  • Install new plugins
  • update worlds (eg: command blocks)
  • test for bugs
  • test if old server custom code works in the new version
  • remove any broken aspects of the server
  • fix / replace any outdated server custom code (very hard)

As you can see, there is a lot for us to consider and do when we make a big decision such as this, and this does not go without saying that our Owners and Developers have put heavy thought into doing this knowing the risks. So in the event that  we do encounter some road blocks, please be patient with us as we attempt to enhance your future experiences online. 


Scheduled Maintenance Time: 

Friday – 5/19/17 @ 2:45 Pm U.S. EST.

We do NOT have an estimated end time for maintenance, however, if you follow our twitter- all updates and news regarding this process will be posted publicly on our page.

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