The MCWestCot Merger

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The MCWestCot Merger

What’s happening with MCWestCot?

MCWestCot is merging with OneBigNation and joining the family! All of MCWestCot’s parks will be available for your enjoyment on OneBigNation in the very near future!

Why is MCWestCot joining OneBigNation?

MCWestCot is currently in a situation where the majority of its build team has left the server. Unfortunately, that means it’s hard to make good progress on the Disneyland Map. The server is also in financial trouble, in the coming months; without any staff to help out and keep guests entertained online, the server will not make enough money to stay online. So, the owners of MCW and OBN have come together and jointly decided that MCW will host its maps on OBN so that they will still be available to the community. The Owner of MCW Epcat77 has also joined the OBN team as a manager and will be collaborating with OBN and its partners on many projects, including the Walt Disney World Resort.

I donated to MCWestCot! What do I do?

We understand that some players may have donated to MCWestCot for a rank or perks. If that is the case for you, please reach out to OBN’s Management team! We will verify that you have purchased some form of perks or rank on MCW and give you the equivalent rank or perks on the OBN networks.

A quick way to get in contact with management is through our discord. Join it with this link:

When do all these changes take place?

Currently, we are in the process of making all these changes possible. You will still be able to join the MCWestCot server for a few more weeks before it goes offline. After that point, we will begin merging it onto OneBigNation. This process will take time, so the map may not be available for a while. As always our social media like Twitter and this website will keep everyone updated on when the Disneyland Map from MCW will be made available to the public again!

Please NOTE:

After January 20th, all applications to MCW for staff will be transferred over to OneBigNation. If you are planning to apply to work for MCW, We request that you please fill out your application on OBN instead to avoid longer wait times for a response.

Applications for staff may be found here:



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