More Magic On Its Way!

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More Magic On Its Way!


OneBigNation Is Happy To Announce Its Summer Plans!

We know its been awhile since you’ve heard from us, but we have some big news to tell you!  While it appears that our server has died down in activity to the public, we can assure you that behind the scenes we are working overtime to make this server the best. Now you are probably wondering why that gif above the title is flashing, here is what that’s all about. As many of our guests have come to witness, OneBigNation is always striving to be the best when it comes to our show technology. Pioneering new magic experiences since the Original Disneyland in 2015! If you’ve been looking on our twitter or discord, you’ll notice that for a long time now we have been hyping up our recreation of Disney’s Happily Ever After Show that premiered in 2017. Thanks to our very hard working Developer Exemplive, we are ready to announce DSuite!

What The Heck is a DSuite?

DSuite is the name of OneBigNation’s all-new Custom Shows plugin, which is the most technologically advanced and versatile plugin we have yet to behold! With DSuite our server can push the boundaries of what you thought was possible in Minecraft, The Animated Image above shows only a few of the many amazing things DSuite can do! DSuite is what OneBigNation will be using to immerse you into the world of Disney, and DSuite will be making its first public Dayview this summer for the official release of Happily Ever After! 🎆

Ok, so when can we expect to see this?

We are aware that for a long time we have been mentioning the show, and continually pushing back its premiere date. In an interview with the Cast Members working on the project, here is what they had to say about the delay-

We completely understand why people are getting anxious about the show’s release date, but Happily Ever After is not only a long show- But it is by far one of the most complex shows to date in the florida parks. We want to make sure we get this right, because if we dont like it then that means the guests wont like it. Failure is not an option for us, so taking our time is key. While we do work as hard and as fast as we can, we are working with new effects and technology never before done in Minecraft- so a rushed show production leads to a bad show. Right now with the new innovations brought upon us by DSuite, the show is planned to premier over the 2018 Summer season, but we cant make any promises!

And so we will be awaiting confirmation about the Show’s exact premiere date and how you can reserve a good seat for the magic! But in the meantime, we would like to let you know of a few other things we have been working on! Even though the progress of completion on the Magic Kingdom is very slow, we are opening new areas all the time! We do feel bad that our guests leave with very little to do, but with only four cast members working on the park, it’s very hard to get it right and get it done quickly. Because of this, we are happy to open new positions to work for OBN or just help out around the Walt Disney World Project! We have all the necessary tools, all you need is a love for Imagineering and a patience to learn how our server masters the art of 1;1 recreation. Want to Apply? Click Here 👈👈👈

We would like to give a Special Thanks to Exemplive for all the hard work he does for our server, OneBigNation wouldn’t be as great if it weren’t for him! 👏👏👏

We hope that you’ll continue to enjoy our server as we continue to improve upon it! Stay posted for more updates in the future, and as always ✨ Have a Magical Day! ✨


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  1. […] As of November 1st, Onebignation has officially switched its parks full gear into Holiday mode! Join today to experience a new makeover of the Parks for the Christmas Season. Brand new decorations line every inch of the parks from the floor to the sky! This holiday season is going to be extra magical because it will include the introduction of Four Brand New Shows into the parks. We are happy to announce that premiering later this season will be Holiday Wishes, OBN’s Festival of the Season [NEW Custom Show!], Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, Fantasy in the Sky 2018! Each of these spectaculars will be fully utilizing the new DSuite show plugin which made its debut with HalloWishes this past October! Since then its capability has been vastly improved upon including three more brand new innovative effects! We are very excited to show you all what we’ve been up to in terms of these shows! [Premier dates for these shows are yet to be determined!] Want to read more about DSuite? Click Here to read the Release News Letter! […]

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