A message on our beliefs

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A message on our beliefs

A message from the owner;

Hello everyone, my name is Evan and many of you know me as the Owner & Founder of OneBigNation Networks and its subsidiaries.

Some people have noticed that recently our official social media accounts have been engaged by individuals or organizations with the intent to hurt our reputations or slander us within the online community. I am writing to you today to clear up any gossip or further discussion on this matter. As such, this memo should be taken as a venerated official statement from myself on behalf of myself, my team, and my organization as a whole.

 Left vs. Right

Unfortunately, we currently live in a world where politics has a tendency to interfere with our daily social norms, ranging from friendships, relationships, to basic human interaction and decency towards others in public. Here at OneBigNation, we believe that everyone (no matter who they are) is free to express themselves including their politics. We firmly believe that debate and open discussion is necessary for public discourse and fact-finding, as well as the exchange of knowledge which is key to human understanding and empathy for others. OneBigNation as an organization does not have any political affiliations towards any government, any political party, or ideology. With this said; the individuals who work with us are free to hold their own beliefs, political affiliations, etc.. without scrutiny, prejudice, and persecution. It is made very clear by our team that their personal beliefs do not reflect upon OBN as an organization. 

  Why does this matter?

It has come to light via Twitter and other media that OneBigNation has been accused of being “Homophobic”, “Transphobic” and other things aside from its apparent support of American presidential running candidate Donald Trump. Firstly; OneBigNation does not hold political affiliation towards anyone. Secondly, yes I (Evan | me personally) am a conservative-independent American voter who aligns with some policies put forth by the Trump administration. With that said, my beliefs do not influence or direct the operations of OneBigNation nor does it impact or affect how we treat our co-workers within our organization. Quite simply, we are a server dedicated to enjoying the magic of Disney; we shouldn’t and do not let politics intervene in what we find enjoyment in— this is what brings us together, it’s what makes us a family.


Here at OneBigNation, we hold a very *VERY strict policy on discrimination; We do not tolerate it in any form regardless of personal belief, bias, or other convictions. To claim that OneBigNation or its constituents are in any way “homophobic” is blatantly false and an attempt to slander our organization. I myself, as well as many of our team members, are openly [ gay | lesbian | bisexual | pansexual | asexual ] individuals who are proud to express ourselves as such, and furthermore would never discriminate upon anyone for recognizing their own identity. We foster a community of support here, and we welcome people of all backgrounds.

To follow up that claim, we are also being accused of being “transphobic”. As stated above, OneBigNation does not hold any belief that a [ transexual | transgendered ] person is less than or inferior to anyone else, nor have we ever discriminated against individuals of this identity. And as also stated above, some of our team members identify this way. This kind of rhetoric being projected only serves to hurt these individuals in the very environment where they feel secure being themselves.

Regardless of who you are, we recognize that we are all human. Everyone is their own person, individuals with unique identities, and even more unique stories to tell. We encourage this media barrage to come to stop. At the end of the day, we love everyone, all races, all identities, all politics, EVERYONE. 

Directly from our codex

If you’ve ever had the experience of working with us, you will know that upon your orientation (literally your first day as a member of the team) you are presented with a document known as the Codex of Conduct1, in which we outline how we expect everyone to be treated in our organization as well as our goals and core beliefs as a team. Below you will find direct excerpts from this document. 

As a final note, I encourage our online community to be strong and stand against hate of all forms, but to also stand against slander as it equally damages people’s lives, as well as communities.

[1] Staff Codex of Conduct sourced from OneBigNation primary web-disk C135 PUBLIC DOMAIN


Photos of excerpts from the OneBigNation staff Codex of Conduct:

A statement on privacy rights

Here at OneBigNation we also firmly believe in the rights of the individual to their privacy from scrutiny on the public domain, due to this we will NOT be posting any photos of the harassing content from Twitter or other social media. We will also not be engaging in any further public discourse with these individuals or organizations. If they wish to contact us we would like them to know that we are always open for private communications which can be found via our website and other media platforms.

Thank you all so much for your support of this community as we continue to grow together, I look forwards to a bright future!

~ Evan | Owner & Founder of OneBigNation Networks

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