Quick Shedule Updates

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Quick Shedule Updates

Hey guys, here are a few planned updates that you should know about:

Friday December 16th:

As of 12/16/16 Our Old IP Address “OneBigNation.Net” Will no longer work, if you try logging into the servers with this ip after this date, you will be kicked with this message: “Sorry! This IP is no longer a valid IP, please Use the updated one!”


Public Meeting: 

A Public Meeting is planned to take place On Friday And Sunday. NOTE: These are our last server meetings for 2016! So be sure to join us for the first public meeting of 2017 on January 1st! You don’t want to miss it, because as always; we will be rolling out some major news and massive updates!


Attention To Staff!

Your Senior projects are due by promotion (January 7th), any unfinished will postpone rank promotion!


Trainings will be held all of this weekend and next week, If you’re missing something it’s your responsibility to make it up!

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