Server Maintenance Notice!

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Server Maintenance Notice!

Dear Staff, Guests, And Users. We apologize for such short notice but we will be Performing maintenance on the entire network on Saturday December 17th 

Scheduled Maintenance Time: 3:45 PM US-EST

Maintenance Will End At: Undefined Time


Reason For Maintenance: 

Updating All Core Custom Code for the entire network to optimize new features. Core providers being updated: OBN-Core, OBN-Chat, OBN-Ranks, Eastereggs, STNM, ProxyBot. Adding New Plugins: OBN-Staff, MYMagic-WordPress, AsyncMe. 

Update Features: 

Hover chat system becomes 100% implemented, new network wide chat system, eastereggs compatable with new chat, Anti-Swear and Anti-Advertising optimizations

New Features (Coming soon):

MyMagic Credits, My magic Plus accounts, Automated staff training / testing, Perk conversion

Again, we apologize for such late notice about this update. Staff, for more information- please contact evan via skype. Thank you.


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