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Attraction Sponsorship

Sponsor a OneBigNation Attraction!

That’s right, OneBigNation now offers attraction sponsorships! Now as a new creative way to help benefit the server, as we continue to work on developing the parks, guests will now be able to sponsor their own attraction.

What does it mean to sponsor an attraction?

Guests can sponsor an attraction by picking one out of our availability matrix. Each attraction has a set amount of money it would cost to sponsor. This is a one-time payment. All money made from sponsorships goes directly back into keeping our servers online and running in good condition for years to come! We offer the most comprehensive selection of sponsorships over any other Minecraft server! Another great benefit (It’s super cheap compared to other servers!) OneBigNation’s sponsorships will never EVER be more expensive than $150. Some of our attraction sponsorships are as low as $20!!!

What happens when I sponsor an attraction?

Guests who sponsor any attraction on OneBigNation are automatically given the following;

  • Access to edit the attraction to add your own personal touch to it! (Technicians and Imagineers will help you make your vision come to life).
  • Access to help create the attraction behind the scenes if it is still under construction!
  • A hologram at the front of the attraction reading “Presented by <Name>“.
  • Ability to decide the attraction’s opening date.
  • Ability to give your best friends early access and special viewings/tours of the attraction!
  • Ability to schedule meetings with cast-members to discuss progress on the attraction.
  • Ability to deliver a speech at the meeting of the attraction’s opening (Speech must be approved by an owner).
  • Have your name appear in show credits [For show attractions only]<Show> Presented by <Name>
  • Have your name in a custom audio announcement [For show attractions only]  “<Show> Presented by <Name>
  • Access to the Nation-Members Discord channel where all attraction sponsors can chat with staff!
  • [✦] Tag in chat that will appear in front of your rank! (Color of the diamond corresponds to the paid tier of the attraction.)
    • [] = Discounted prices in brackets $24 and under
    • [] = $25 – $34 Sponsorships
    • [] = $35 – $44 Sponsorships
    • [] = $45 – $54 Sponsorships
    • [] = $55 Sponsorships
    • [] = Special pricing tier sponsorships

How do I see what attractions are available to sponsor?

An entire list of attractions that can currently be sponsored is viewable at

I want to sponsor an attraction! How do I do it?

If you are interested in sponsoring an attraction, we welcome you to fill out the Sponsorship Interest Form!

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