The Web Update!

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The Web Update!

As some of you may or may not know, our server’s IP address is changing! Read more below!


If you’re reading this, then you should already know that we got our new website up and running (because you’re on it right now… duhhhhh) Anyways, because of this, we need to change the server’s IP, So that the website can have that ip. we need to do this because of SSL, Secure Sockets Layer ; This helps secure our community from online harm.

Uhh Evan, Speak English You Dingus, I Dont Know WHAT ON EARTH YOU’RE RAMBLING ABOUT!!!

Its Ok! An SSL in basic terms is what ratifies a website as protected from malware, viruses, and other harmful online entity, Ever notice how most websites start with “HTTPS://” Where as ours Only Says “HTTP://“? The “S” Stands for secure, some browsers even highlight it in green or add a lock icon. we need to change our MC server IP to have a subdomain so that our website can use “” because sadly, SSLs do not work with subdomains.


Even though our IP is changing, We are adding multiple subdomains for our MC server to make it easy for you to join us! Below will be a list of IPs that will work when joining our MC server at the start of 2017

  • Play.OneBigNation.Net
  • MC.OneBigNation.Net
  • US.OneBigNation.Net
  • EU.OneBigNation.Net


Thanks for reading this, make sure to update our IP in your server lists for 2017, and maybe register to our website for a more immersive experience on our network. Sincerely ~ Evan M. Owner & Founder Of OneBigNation


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