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Who’s ready for some fun?

Eventhough this post is pretty plain, our owner Evan has a few words to share;

“On behalf of the cast of onebignation we are all super excited for some new updates that we wish to share with you all! Firstly, along with the new WDW comes some new updates to make your experience more autonomous, mymagic+ has gotten a huge update including a new fastpass system, a new MagicBand, and much more! Also coming soon is our new 2017 Server hub, it has been in production for quite some time and we hope to have it done by June latest. Lastly, if you haven’t been on the new games server with it’s new spawn and minigames, we recommend that you check it out! We are planning on hosting a map building competition soon, the winner will be given the “Sponsor” rank for FREE! Stay tuned here for more info about this event coming soon. And speaking of events- if you wish to know what out agenda looks like for each and everyday, with events- meets, and other schedule info, feel free to take a look at our server calendar. (Updated daily)

well that should about do it for this update log, this is you captain Evan signing off!”

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